Friday, October 3, 2008

Changes Ahead

Our family is so blessed to have a husband and father who is a hard worker. He is diligent to do a good job in all that he does and carries himself with integrity at all times. When our children were young, it was a priority for us for me to stay at home and care for them. What a blessing that was and a time I will always treasure in my heart. So now that they are all in school, I have a part time job which works around the school hours, but DH (dear husband) is the main breadwinner.
The job area has came with challenges through the years for DH. He has never had an "easy" job and has suffered through difficult people, circumstances, lay offs, trainings etc., but he has always continued forward and has always been a great provider.
One area which affects our family the most is shift work. When daddy is on shift work, the whole family is on shift work. Dinners, sleep and activities all must rotate around daddy's shift. At his job, DH was moved to a day shift position several months ago. We have enjoyed having him home every evening and weekend. But recently we sought the Lord in prayer about him returning to the position he was previously at on shift work. God answered our prayers very clearly and he is now going back to shift work beginning this weekend.
So, the boys and I have a weekend ahead of us alone. What should we do??? Go shopping! The boys need some clothes for cooler weather and I am always up for a shopping trip, so our plans for tomorrow include a trip to the mall. Maybe they will let me take some pictures and I'll share our "fun" with you!!!

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  1. I like that you are so supportive of your hubby and you honor him by keeping to his schedule. You are esteeming your hubby and that is what God calls us to do. You are a wise woman. Have fun with the kids.

    xox Sharon


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