Friday, October 10, 2008

In our area it is almost deer hunting season. Some of the men around here live, breathe and sleep hunting for a few months. Thankfully, mine only have a mild interest, not an obsession with hunting.
The other day the oldest son whose usual around the house attire is shorts and flip flops, was headed out the door in jeans and boots. Naturally I noticed that this was not to be just a walk outside, I asked him what he was doing. "Just messing with my tree stand" he told me. Later son #2 came into the house to get the camera. My curiosity was peaked by then! Shortly after they came a back in and I took at peek at the camera to see what they were doing: "Messing with the deer stand" to me meant giving it a good look over etc., Apparently it has a deeper meaning: It means, climbing up a tree testing it out:

This must have been so much fun son #2 gave it a try:

Sometimes there are just things a mother doesn't need to watch and this is indeed one of them!

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