Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spiritual Sundays

Over at Blogger Spirit, it is Spiritual Sundays! This is a chance to post and to read inspirational posts and prepare our hearts for worship.
Have you ever felt "give out"? Where you seem to give and give of yourself. This week has been a challenging week like that. At home my husband was sick, we adjusted to his new shift, at work things were stressful. It sometime seemed like everyone needed something from me. When Friday night came, I was "give out". But I awoke Saturday and after a good night sleep and a leisurely morning I am refreshed!
A verse I read this week is found in Psalms 29:1,2 - "Give unto the Lord, O you mighty ones, give unto the Lord glory and strength. Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." Thinking of "giving", I realized that there is some action involved to giving unto the Lord. When we go to church, it is so easy to sit back and relax and look to be blessed. But, the reason we have gathered is to worship Him - it is all about Him, not us. We are to "give" Him glory and strength, give Him the glory due to His name. Now, yes, this is about action and giving, but it is an win win investment! God delights in our praise and in turn sends His blessings our way and into our lives.
So let us enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise! Happy Sunday!


  1. I needed that. Excellent thoughts. We all need to be reminded. Thank you for caring.

  2. I haven't heard the term "give out" in a long time. I used to hear it a lot years ago. I am certainly "give out" a lot - more and more as I get older. Thank you for this post.

  3. Thank-you for a great post. It seems like sometimes the more we give to people the less we give to God. Thank-you, I hope you get lots of rest.

  4. Unlike Char 72 I have never heard the term give out- thanks for shring this post- The Spirit is at work- please see my sabbath Prep post and you will understand. Be blessed and thanks Have a wonderful SS

  5. Right, worship is about Him, not about us.

    Come visit me and check out the book giveaways. Happy Spiritual Sunday!

  6. What beautiful thoughts, I've never heard the term "give out" but I've certainly felt it. Thank you for the uplifting words, I will remember them in the upcoming week :).

    Have a blessed day,
    Kathi :)

  7. I enjoyed reading your post for today, and it is in line with what our preacher talked about today in his sermon. The theme was that we are to live our lives to glorify God in everything we do.

  8. May this post remind all that it is not about us. It is about King Jesus!
    John 3:30 Thanks for sharing from your heart today, He loves us so much and cares about everything that concerns His children.


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