Sunday, November 9, 2008

At the Well - Getting To Know You!

One of the advantages that women of long ago had in meeting at the well, was the friendships and community that was developed. That is the concept of At the Well - to form friendships and get to know others through different discussions.

Today, we're getting a bit personal!

So.... today is an opportunity to share about ourselves - to give others a glimpse of our lives. So....

Things like this always make me nervous and I don't like talking about myself too much, but as I read the other posts, it was so much fun getting to know the others better, so I will give it a shot!

My name is Joyce and I live in Florida. My family means everything to me and is comprised of a great husband of 19 years and three sons ages 17,14 and7. We live in the country and enjoy a simple life mainly centered around home, church and Wal Mart since it is the biggest store in our town!

I met my husband on the school bus and we dated for 5 years. ( I was only 14, so our "dating" consisted of sitting outside at my home for a few years since I wasn't allowed to date!) We were blessed with two sons early on and then suffered three miscarriages. Our third son I consider my "miracle baby" not only because he was planned by God, and a surprise to me, but through his birth, the Lord worked a miracle in my life as a wife and mother. I am working to chronicle this journey under "Visionary Womanhood" on the blog.

We attend a small Baptist country church and are blessed to truly be a part of this church family. Our family is active in the church activities and serve the Lord with various ministries there.

I have a part time job as a church secretary which I love. The boys go to public school and this works around the schools times, so I am able to take and pick them up and be home when they are home.

Our parenting is based on God's Word and DAILY(!), I seek God's guidance and wisdom to raise godly men. Prayer for children is a passion of mine and I am excited to see the benefits of it through the years to come.

Those are the biggest things about me, but I will share just a few random things:

I am usually running late, but working to improve this!

I LOVE coffee

"Short Stuff" was my nickname in school - I am only 5'0.

I love flowers and scented candles and my home and office are filled with them.

I am an outdoor person, love to be outdoors enjoying nature.

A healthy lifestyle is important to me and I work to eat well and exercise daily.

Although very quiet by nature, action situations excite me. I love tv shows like "Trauma Life In the ER and Cops!" Some jobs which I would love one day would be a police dispatcher or an emergency room office worker.

Some good traits I have are dependability, honesty and faithfulness. I am loyal and expect the same from others.

Some of my not so good traits are tardiness and irritability when things don't run smoothly.

My husband and I both hate fresh tomatoes. We don't ever have them in our home unless we have company! Salsa and cooked tomatoes in food is ok though.

Cooking and baking are very rewarding for me and an area I have definitely grown in. As a young married bride, I could only make about 2 dishes, with a lot of trial and error, I do a lot better now.

Ok, I will stop before I write a book. Here are just a couple of pictures to share:

Here are my older boys with me:

This is the youngest:

Here I am doing one of my favorite things - walking!

Thanks for reading! I am enjoying visiting the others over at At the Well and amazed how there are so many different things we all have in common.


  1. Hello sister Joyce!

    So GREAT to get to know you better!

    WOW! You're WAY to exciting for me! I could never be a police dispatcher or work in the ER, I think I'm too much of a spaz and just really am not the sharpest pencil in the pack, so I don't think they'd want me either. :-)

    Bless you sweet sister and thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I loved getting to know you! I wish I was more of an outdoors person and really need to work on eating healthier. Loved the pics you shared!

  3. How FUN! What a great little look into your little corner of the world...I'm a walker too!

    Thanks so much for sharing today!!


  4. Joyce, so nice getting to know you today. My parents also met on a bus at 14! I, too, am a walker although I walk on my treadmill...hey, at least the weather is always good!

  5. Hi Joyce,
    I loved reading about you and already feel like I know you better. What a handsome group of sons you have...I also have 3 sons. I too, noticed all the similiar things us ladies AT THE WELL have in common. thanks for sharing today, - Blessings, Laurie

  6. I, too, thought about not doing this! But, decided to plunge in anyways! We live in the country, too. Wal-mart is a staple here to because the closest town is small. It was good to get to know about you.

  7. It was great to know more about your Joyce! I live in Alabama,we're not too far away. I am also 5'0 and my nick name was "short stuff" or shorty lol Very neat! We miss our country living and small church environment. Your boys are very handsome!!

  8. Oh, I loved getting to know you! What a fun and interesting and active life you live, and my favorite thing about you is that your priorities are centered around prayer. You're a beautiful person, so thanks for letting us have a glimpse of who you are.

  9. Thanks for sharing about yourself! We have a lot in common and reading your list made me realize they were things I could ahve out on my own at the well post.

    I also have a little award for you over at my blog you just need to come claim it.



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