Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Dairy Fun Thanksgiving!

Last weekend our family met with some extended family we don't see very often for a Thanksgiving lunch. It was a great time of fellowship and fun seeing one another and enjoying a fantastic meal. The event was hosted by my cousin who with her husband own a family dairy. They took the children of the families for a tour and I tagged along also with my camera!

Here are a few of the dairy cows in the field
This Mama cow gave birth to these babies a few hours before we came

Here are the newborns:

The kids got a demonstration of how the dairy works

Here is where the fresh milk is stored, they all got to climb the ladder and look inside

Here is a feeding pen where the cows gather

They had some calves separated and we visited them also

This baby calf was my favorite, isn't it beautiful?

Some of these calves needed to be bottle fed, to the delight of some of the children!

This is where the feed for the cows is kept, the kids got a close up look!

More feed, more fun!

The best part for the kids was the hay bales!

Doesn't that look like fun???

It was a great day and we appreciate being able to see the dairy.


  1. I loved the little brown calf. It brought back memories of when a calf would be born in the winter and we would have to bring it in the house to keep warm. We would sit and watch TV holding a calf. We thought everyone did that. It ended when we got carpet in the house, Mother sent us to the barn!

  2. The little brown calf is so pretty. What a fun trip y'all had to the dairy farm.

  3. How neat!!! I love farms and the country!!


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