Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Healthy Carbs

What woman doesn't love carbs? Macaroni and cheese, pasta, bread, etc., don't these just spell comfort? As a woman ages, carbs can affect the body differently. I recently read a book "Fight Fat After Forty" and since I turned 40 this year, I paid close attention. Maturing bodies don't burn the calories like they used to. Muscle which slowly begins to decrease with age, is a big metabolism booster, is on the decrease, so the carbs don't burn so quickly and the excess will end up putting weight on the body.

Some of the highlighted tips were to strive for high quality carbs. Some of these included - oatmeal, whole wheat bread instead of white bread, brown rice instead of white rice, whole fruit instead of fruit juice and look for the whole grain label.

Another tip was to include a protein food along with a carb for a snack. Some examples were fruit with cheese, yogurt and fruit, cottage cheese with fruit etc. Other snack protein foods include - nuts, boiled eggs, peanut butter and tuna.

The biggest tip for women nearing this age, was to eat the majority of carbs in the morning and afternoon. Enjoy that pasta, just do it at lunch time! Try to finish carbs for the day by 5:00 PM. That leaves time to burn them off as energy, before they turn into extra pounds. This will take some lifestyle changes, but the health benefits will be worth it!

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