Friday, November 7, 2008

My Boys Love To Shop...

But only at this store:

Here is the king shopper - Dad:

Look what an intent shopper he is:

Check out those details!

This shopper spent more time posing with the props that come in a store like this:

Here are some live fish in the middle of the store!

It is a fisherman's dream store

More great outdoor props!

Watch out for the turkey!

We don't have a Bass Pro Shop near us, but we stopped at one on our return trip from the mountains. This is truly my guys favorite store!

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  1. Great pics! We have a BPS nearby. Must be a guy thang, LOL. I thought it was nice the first I get Steve to drop me by Starbucks for coffee and reading while he goes in and wanders around. Hee hee!


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