Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gift To Give...All Year

Well, Christmas is over at our home. The presents are put away, the leftovers are almost gone, parents have gone back to work, the candy is being finished off and most of the Christmas decorations are packed away. Christmas 2008 is a treasured memory. The gifts, although appreciated, and however nice they are, will fade in our interest in time.

I have been reflecting on the past year and overall, it was a quiet year. You know, those peaceful years that sometimes slip in through the chaotic ones! 2007 was a very difficult year for our family. We lost my mother and my husband's grandmother. 2009 promises to be challenging as we will face the excitement of our oldest son graduating from high school and attending college and our middle son will begin driving. These will be major life changes, but are embraced with anticipation and covered with prayer.

Yesterday was my first day back at work, we had been sheltered down in our home for several days over the Christmas break. Through my daily activities, I encountered a number of people and began to notice a pattern of difficulty. I talked to an older woman who was tired and burnt out from church work, another woman was on the brink of a divorce. Picking up photos at the store, I met a woman who had suffered miscarriages in the past and was now pregnant again and filled with fear over the pregnancy. There were a few people stressed from their job situations, some facing medical tests etc. A local family lost their husband in a tragic accident at home. When I began to think about the needs and situations these people were in, I felt overwhelmed. Was there anything I could do to help them?

There is one thing that I can do and a gift that I can give. The gift of prayer. Prayer is placing these needs before God who with there is nothing impossible with. God can do anything and can give anything that is needed. He can calm fears, bring comfort, bring rest and renewal. There is no need He cannot meet. My part can be to bring the needs of those I encounter to Him. He can do what I or anyone else cannot do.

Prayer can be our gift to others that keeps on giving. Be encouraged as you face difficulties and hear of problems and hurts of those around you, you can give hope, peace and joy - through your prayers. Prayer - the gift to give - all year long!

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  1. You are so right, prayer is the greatest gift that we can give and we often withhold it. Sometimes we give it in secret, but most of the time, people want to know that you are praying. Tell them. I will never forget the words of a friend of mine after she was saved, our teacher (we were teenagers) told her that she had been praying for her salvation...Sherie's comment...why didn't you ever tell me!


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