Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teens, Tires and Tremendous Joy!

As most of you know, I am the mother of three sons, two who are teenagers. When they act like teenagers do, I try to remember what that age was like, even though it was way back then... and come up with some kind of reasonable explanation etc. Usually this helps me figure them out. But, the oldest son who is 17 has been driving a little while now. Knowing that we want to raise responsible men, we encourage them to earn things in life and grasp the ethic of hard work, etc. and not just hand them over anything they want. As parents, we will help them, but work toward letting them learn the ropes of life, hard work, integrity etc. So when son turned 16, he bought (for a very low price!) Daddy's old truck. This truck was perfect for him, small, runs great, looks good etc. Here it is:

Now, even through my mind/teenager analization, I could not grasp the concept of rims. This is a subject I know nothing about, Tires, hubcaps, rims, what is the difference? The only difference I could find was money, with rims being the most expensive! But rims seemed to be very important to the son. You know as a teengaer, it is all about looks! So, the boy scrimped and saved and did some research. He even enlisted Dad's help in the research:

He was still short some money for the rims, so in the spirit of Christmas giving, Mom and Dad worked out a deal with him to help him out. Here's what came home yesterday:

I will have to admit, they look great:

Do you think he is happy????

He had to head off to work right after he got them, but don't worry, he received about 5 phone calls from the guys, checking on the progress and a few friends stopped by to check them out last night!
Then this morning he stepped out the door just to take one more picture!

Yep, still there and still looking good! I still do not understand the connection or the importance of rims, but it sure gave me one happy boy!


  1. My son is 14 and already planning what type of rims he's going to have...and radio. Yes, he looks happy and his truck looks good too.

  2. Boys boys boys...
    GREAT LOOKIN truck and I'm so excited for him!!!
    Hey, I am hoping you got your package.. have you yet?

  3. Yea, Mom, they do look great. He's got some style! I bet he loves driving that truck!



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