Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today is a day off from school and I changed my work schedule to be at home today with the kids. While attempting to come up with an interesting post or attempt to use my day of lounging around into a way to encourage others to be their best...I found "Not Me Monday".

Not Me! Monday is a list of all the things that there is no way in tarnation I did this week. And if anyone says that they saw me doing any of these things, they are totally lying.

So, it was Not Me! who pulled a bowl from the deep freezer and planned to feed to the dog, when under the freezer burn discovered that it was a dish of Italian Sausage and Pasta. So, it was definitely Not Me! who put it in a baking dish, sprinkled it with cheese and served it up for Sunday lunch!

It was Not Me! this morning who decided to wait until after my workout to get is now 12:46 and guess what??? Still in the pajamas.

It was Not Me! this morning who let my kids sleep until nearly 11:00 AM so I could have some uninterrupted computer time. But as I rationalized, they will work hard later in the day, because someone - Not Me! still has the undecorated Christmas tree in the living room that needs to be put up.

Well, now that someone Not Me! feels better, they should get up, get dressed and get to work! Happy Monday!


  1. i'm NEVER in my pj's unill afternoon either! great post. have a happy monday!

  2. great not me monday I though it was very funny

  3. I'm a pajama wearing fool so I love when I hear others wear them during daytime hours too!


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