Friday, January 23, 2009


Thank God It's Friday! It has been an interesting week for me and I am glad to say it's almost over! There hasn't been much posting for the blog, but there has been a lot of other stuff going on:
My job is a church secretary where quarterly financial reports must be done - and balanced to the penny! Early in the week, I was preparing the reports and was waaayyy off on the balances. I spent three days trying to find the error, went through every single transaction, expense and income and finally found that it was a computer glitch causing a wrong amount to show! GRRRR. Those computers! Since I spent so much time on that, most everything else fell behind schedule.
On my day off, I had a routine dental check up. Like clockwork, every six months there is a visit to the dentist. For 15 years these visits have been nice and bland, no surprises, no cavities, no trouble. During the cleaning the hygienist asked, "So when did your tooth break off?" Duh - I had no idea a tooth had broken off! Turns out, one corner is off a tooth in the back and it is cracked all the way across and ready to break on the other corner. So...a (very expensive) cap is in store to be put on in a few weeks!
Also this week has been frigid weather for Florida - I liked it though! We threw in some soccer practices and a soccer game also.
So today which is Friday, at work I'm getting a handle on things and a co worker comes to the door with the question, "Are you squeamish?" Is there a right answer for that? Turns out he rammed a splinter into his thumb, all the way through his thumb and needed some help pulling it out. Guess who was the only one around???? This was not part of the job description!
So after a hectic week, Friday is the night to relax and go to bed early, but one son (the middle one who doesn't get much opportunity to get out) got an invitation for a birthday party and skate trip. The party doesn't end until 11:00 PM and I've got to go pick him up. The things we do for those dear children!
So this week is almost over, and we're looking forward to the weekend! Thanks for letting me grumble! And I will now return to my joyfull self!


  1. Ugh computers can be a pain!! Glad you got it figured out!! I don't like going to the dentist haha I'm learning we do a lot for our children.

  2. Just thought I would stop over and say hello. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Blessings, Jen


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