Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Best For Our Best!

Is there anyone who knows us better than our own family? The ones we live with day in and day out. They see our best and they see our worst. Why is it that it is so easy to kind and gracious to our guests and those kind and loving actions are not seen as often by the ones we cherish the most? The old saying rings true: "Treat your guests like family and treat your family like guest."

We all know the importance of kind words and the harm in negative words. Here are a few suggestions I recently found to help me speak kinder to my family:

1. Choose gentle words. Please, Thank You added on softens commands and show kindness.

2. Watch your tone of voice: People react more positive to softer voice tones rather than harsh tones.

3. Stop shouting: Raising your voice automatically creates tension and creates a chaotic atmosphere in the home.

4. Transform criticism into compliments: If you criticize children, they feel like failures. When you inspire through encouragement and compliments, they don’t give up as easily and become successful. Use uplifting phrases such as “Keep at it; you’re almost there,” “I’m impressed with your effort” and “You’re getting the hang of it now.”

5. Use love names: We know the damaging effect of bad names - brat, stupid, clumsy, etc. Describe your loved ones with loving names, honey, baby, sweetie, etc.

6. Toss Around Positive Labels: Negative labels bring negative results, which is the opposite of what you want. Positive labels bring positive results and children see themselves as winners.

7. Catch kids doing right: It is so easy to see fault in others, practice looking for good and acknowledge it!

8. Be affectionate: The power of touch has an enormous effect on others. Practice a smile and quick touch every chance you get!

Children respond well to kindness. While what you say and the tone of your voice indicates how you are feeling, your child interprets your words and tone as direct messages about his own self-worth. If you speak kindly, not only will kids respond more quickly, kind words will help build self-confidence. Here are eight ways to keep communication positive.

Ideas from How To Speak Kindly To Your Child


  1. Excellent post! I am a firm believer in guarding the words we speak, especially toward those we love. We tend to hurt the ones we love most with our words/tone. This should not be. I'm so glad you reminded me of this today! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post. A lot of parents can benefit from this. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What a wonderful post! My mom and I were just talking about how people treat their friends and families so differently and our families were given to us as blessings by the Lord. We should treat them as such. With Valentine's Day approaching, what a timely post on showing love to our loved ones!

    P.S. You have a gorgeous and very edifying blog, and I'm so glad to have found it!

  4. This is great! I attended a women's meeting at church last night and it was on this very thing.... how the words we say affect those around us.

    Great post!


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