Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday is the opportunity to share some things about your week that are so unlike you, there is no way that you did them!

I had to go to the dentist last week for a crown. Having been blessed not to have had much dental work needed, I wasn't sure what to expect. So, it was certainly Not Me who dreaded that first Novocaine shot for two days prior to the appointment! It was Not Me who sat in the dentist chair and did not ask questions, and was a little stunned that they had to drill my tooth WAY down to put the crown on it!

It was very cold here last week and our family enjoyed a couple of warm and cozy nights in front of the fireplace. On one such cozy night, we were all there in our pajamas, right before bed and the boys had the Grand Old Opry show on tv. Right before bed a song they liked came on, so we all watch Trace Atkins croon a song about "Your Gonna Miss This" where seasons of life are shared and how fast they go by. It was Not Me who embraced the quality time moment by tearing up and crying. When the song was over, all three of my guys looked at me with surprise and shock, then asked the inconceivable question: "You're not crying over that song are you?" No, Not Me!

Finally being the health conscious person that I am, and one who strictly follows the no food two hours before bed rule, it was Not Me who last night came home from church and devoured two chili dogs right before bed, no, never, that was Not Me!


  1. Great not me monday I thought your not me's were great, especially the one about the two chilly dogs before bed lol couldn't stop laughing

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  2. Oooh - hope those chili dogs sat okay with you! And right before bed - how brave. I cry all the time at the silliest things. My husband it always looking at me "are you CRYING?". Ha ha.

  3. I totally do not cry every time I hear that song. Because it does not make me miss my son who is in the Navy! Nope not me!

  4. I can completely relate to your dental visit. I had to have a cavity filled last spring and nearly died from anxiety in the days before my appointment. Thankfully all went well.

    And...chili dogs right before bed? Ooooh, you are a brave woman! That most definitely is Not Me!


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