Monday, March 23, 2009

At the Well - Thankfulness In Marriage

Gathering At the Well

Today's topic for At the Well is "Thankfulness In Marriage". The discussion question is

What are some things that you can publicly thank God for, in relation to your husband?

When I first met my husband, I was a teenager who was running with the wrong crowd, making the wrong choices and now years later, reflecting back, I can see that the choices I was making would lead to a life of heartache and pain. John 10:10 tells us these words from Jesus: "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." This rings so true in my life. As a teenager, my family life was affected by things such as substance abuse, infidelity, the separation of my parents and it seemed like my choices were taking me down the same path.

My husband rode the school bus with me and took an interest in me. He was more of a country boy, not like the boys I was usually interested in. We began spending time with one another and he really grew on me! My time was spent more with him and less with the bad influence of my friends.. I was very young when we met - 14 and was not allowed to date until I was 16. He was faithful to come to my house for us to spend time together and he waited for 2 years before taking me on a real date - what great patience!

We dated a few more years and when marriage plans came into place we began attending church with his family. The year before we were married, on the same night, we both accepted the Lord's salvation, we admitted we were sinners, believing that Jesus gave His life for our sins and confessed Jesus as Lord of our lives and committed to live for Him.

The thing that I am most thankful for is how the Lord worked in my life to rescue me from destruction, and giving me salvation and an abundant life in Him and my husband was a key player in this process. I am thankful that we began our marriage as Christians with the sole purpose to glorify the Lord in our newly established home and to raise our future family in the nurture and admonition of the Lord - breaking free from the strongholds from my childhood.

My heart rejoices in the husband the Lord gave me and through the years through the good and bad circumstances I am thankful for the godly leader of our home and the godly father that he is. He is a man of integrity, faithful, honest, hardworking, loving and thoughtful. There is not much more that I could ask for and when reflecting on our beginnings, I am still in awe of the gift the Lord gave to me through this man.

As a wife, I often fall short of being kind, thoughtful and loving. But it is the Lord's grace and love working through me that helps me to continually strive to be the wife he deserves.


  1. This what you said-"The thing that I am most thankful for is how the Lord worked in my life to rescue me from destruction, and giving me salvation and an abundant life in Him and my husband was a key player in this process."- spoke volumes to me...
    My husband is also a keyplayer in the proces of God in my life...
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Loved reading the testimony of your marriage and how God has had His holy handprints all over your life and marriage. What a great post!

  3. Joyfull,
    Thanks for sharing your life. I love the way Jesus puts the perfect person in our life when we need them. Thank, God for your husband.


  4. Ohhhhhhhh....what a beautiful story!
    Letting God guide is what marriage is all about...:)

  5. What a beautiful testimony. How special that you both accepted Christ on the same extra blessing...and that you have been able to have a godly home from the beginning. God is, indeed, good.

  6. What a wonderful story of God's forgiveness and of His grace!

    I love it that you and your husband got saved on the same day!

    God is so good!

    Sharing your love of the Savior,

  7. How wonderful that you shared the story of you and your husband. So sweet. Thank you for sharing with us, today. I came over from At the Well. It is my first time to participate in Gathering at the well.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. It's truly a blessing to have a man who is not only your husband, but a man of God. Not many wives can say that about their husband. Blessings to you and your husband!!


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