Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hot Wheels

These are some of the baddest trucks in our little town! Now, if you don't have teenagers, "bad", means "good"! This is my oldest son's truck and his friends.

  • Yep, these trucks are HOT! Oh, what used to be "cool" is now "hot"!

They have the writing on the back window:

They both have great tags on the front:

Well, I got myself some hot wheels this week!

My wheels are a Schwinn bicycle which came from a local thrift store for a great price!

It rides smooth, looks great and is very fuel efficient!

How is that for some hot wheels???


  1. I think your wheels are pretty "bad" as well!! :) I do have a bike...just cannot imagine anything that thin could possible support this body! Oh my!

  2. Your wheels are the best! Looks like a hot bike! :-) My kids are little yet so I don't know the lingo. I'm sure I'll be learning a whole new language by the time they get into high school.

    Much love from NJ,

  3. Ride on my sister! I think you're wheels are both hot and cool! Thanks for making me giggle today:)


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