Monday, March 30, 2009

Motivate Me Monday

Mondays sometimes get a bad rap. New beginnings always excite and inspire me. Mondays signal a new week and new opportunities. This can be especially refreshing after harried and hectic weeks.

Last week was one of those weeks for me. It was emotional for me as it was the two year anniversary of my mother's death. It was hectic as it was filled with baseball practices, appointments - planned and unplanned, work which kept piling up and laundry which threatened to bury us alive! Friday night I was trying to wind down for bedtime and my mind was still racing with what needs to be done still. My thoughts ran to "stop and let me off this train, I want to stop and sit out for a little while".

Trying to find a silver lining, I reflected on "bite size joys". A mother is always going to be busy, there is always going to be work. Constantly thinking on it only brings stress to my life. Laundry can only be done one load at a time, no matter how much I want it all done.

Bite size joys are those quick moments where a snatch of joy is found through the busy day. A nice phone call or quick visit can bring a smile, 10 minutes sitting down reading a magazine, or taking a quick walk does wonders to clear the mind and renew the spirit. Listening to a praise or perky gospel song, reading a quick devotional are other "bite size joys". Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, or a Hershey's kiss are sure ways to rejuvenate! Whatever it is that makes us happy, if we can condense it we can savor that time and then move along with a more joyful heart to do the tasks ahead of us.

This week I plan to seek out lots of "bite size joys" throughout my day. It is sure to motivate me and make me more productive and happy!


  1. That is so true! Sometimes I forget that I don't have to have a whole hour, day, etc. to get Joy in my life...I love the idea of "bite size joys"!!!

  2. What a wonderful idea - bite sized joy! It can be so hard to take the time to see them and actually enjoy the little things, but it is so important. I think I'm going to start calling them this!

  3. So true! (I love your blog by the way...just the colors and title and...all of it! so joyful!) It seems a few of us "motivate me monday" gals wrote about this exact same thing. God is trying to tell us something! :)


  4. "Mondays signal a new week and new opportunities." Love this! I am going be looking for bite sized joys from now on! Thank you! :)

  5. I love your phrase "bite size joys!" That's awesome! I think I might write that on my dry erase board! And you helped to bring home the point of looking at little things as sources of joy - a cup of coffee, a nice phone call, etc. A cup of coffee certainly is a little piece of joy for me and I'm about to go make me some to enjoy at the end of a busy day here at home. I don't get around to reading blogs much these days (my plate is pretty full and we're now packing and getting ready for a move) so sometimes I enjoy just taking a little bit of time to blog. That can be a bite-size joy for me.

    Well, I'm going to go make that coffee, do some work while it's brewing, then sit and enjoy it!

    Take care,


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