Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo Friday

This week at our house was spring planting! Here is my favorite guy planting in the garden:

His father came over and lent a hand:

This week has been gorgeous with flowers all abloom, here are a few shots:


  1. The first ones are so my husband lately! I hope our garden does wonderful this year! Great pics! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend!

  2. We are doing lots of yard work here as well...great shots...lvoe the flowers!

  3. ...tis the season! I'm so excited! Hope you have a successful gardening season! = ) Love those photos of the flowers...have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings, Tracy

  4. Those flowers are so rich in color. Just beautiful!

  5. Just getting caught up with blogs - so enjoyed your photos...and the chicken recipe looks yummo! Gonna give that one a try soon (LOVE chicken!) Have a great weeeknd -

  6. Your flowers are beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a bless weekend!!

    PS - Happy Springtime Planting!!


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