Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Weekend of Change

This has certainly been a weekend filled with a wide range of activities and emotions. Friday night our youngest son went to little league baseball draft, where they connect players and teams. It was lots of fun and he did very well catching and throwing the ball and batting.
Saturday morning, we took our oldest son to tour a college campus. This is a totally new experience for our family and we got some great information to move us forward during this process.
While we were at the college, the cell phone rang and it was bad news. My uncle who lives right near to us had a heart attack and passed away that morning. It always amazes me how lives can be forever changed by a phone call. Death is something we never expect and are never prepared for. It changes families and circumstances forever. We spent the afternoon with the family.
It is also somewhat sad how we live in such busy times we don't get to visit with friends and family very often. Today at my aunt's home, many family members gathered and although it was a sad occasion, we enjoyed the comfort and strength found in each other. The church family surrounded my aunt with care, concern and love. What a blessing a church family is.
I am hoping that you will keep our family in your prayers, especially my aunt and cousins who lost a husband and father. There is a comfort in knowing that he was a Christian and is in heaven and for that blessed assurance, we are thankful.

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  1. Will definitely say a prayer for all of you...


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