Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Task That Exploded!

Yesterday was a typical day around here, I was off, got errands done, housework done and after lunch was just going to float along until it was time to pick the kids up. While I was cleaning up after lunch, dear husband (DH) mentioned that he had bought some bug spray for the garden and had already sprayed the garden and could use the rest in the house. I absently answered "ok" not knowing what was coming up!

He suggested that we empty the kitchen cabinets so he could spray in there. "Ok", that was fine. Here is how that panned out:

He sprayed and then asked if I would move the things that were along the walls out just a little bit so he could spray the edges. I did, then sat down to read the paper. Then he dropped the bombshell: To effectively spray, you must spray the entire perimeter of the indoors. That meant that every wall needed an open space along with the closets, bathrooms etc. So...bathroom rugs got taken up, swept out, closets got emptied, rooms got a thorough picking up and cleaning. A load of "stuff", broken toys, old clothes, etc. got taken off as well as a lot of junk that just accumulates. I never realized the pack rats my boys have become!!

Trust me...this is not the norm for our home! Here is where the closets were emptied:

It was one of those tasks that would not have gotten done under normal circumstances, but once it was done, it sure felt good!

And, eventually, everything go put back into it's proper place.


  1. Wow! So much for floating along...We need to do this soon and I'm dreading it.

  2. Ugh! That's like a can of worms huh? I bet you are glad that it's over.
    Happy Friday to you.

  3. Oh wow - certainly more than you bargained before. But, I'm sure it did feel good when it was done. I LOVE to "clean out"!

  4. As much as this usually needs to be done... I dislike it so much. So glad for you it is over and done with! :)


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