Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day With A Twist

This is Mother's Day weekend, a time where mothers are celebrated and honored. I was pondering some of the different ways we celebrate the special women in our lives on Mother's Day.

Of course the first is our own mothers. Mother's Day is the opportunity to let Mom know how much she is loved. A time to show appreciation for all that she does. There are no words to adequately describe a mother's love, it is a feeling that wraps around the heart. A place where you are loved unconditionally and your best is her aim in all things. There is so much of our mothers in us. I love the saying "I open my mouth and my mother falls out." As a mother myself, that is so true, the things I do and say so often reflect my mother.

If Mother has passed on as mine has, Mother's Day is bittersweet. The loss of a mother is one of the deepest pains and heartaches a person will experience. Her loss leaves a huge void in lives and hearts. Mother's Day is a vivid reminder that she is no longer with us. Time surely helps ease the pain, but Mother is never far from the heart. God's grace and comfort have surrounded me and given me the strength to cherish dear memories and to strive to carry on the good qualities that were passed on to me.

When we get married, we are gifted with another mother. "His mother". She may be different from our own mothers. It won't take long in a marriage to realize that our ways of doing things are not her ways of doing things! He is used to having things done the way she does them and there is an adjustment as the new family finds their own way of creating a home. If we open our hearts to her, and be willing to learn her ways, we will learn valuable lessons of love and wisdom. Through the years a beautiful blending will occur and"his mother", will hold a very special place in our heart as well. She is certainly a mother to be honored on Mother's Day. I must say that our lives are blessed and enriched by my mother in law, and I consider her a gracious woman of God who we love and are thankful for.

If you are a mother, you know the blessing and honor that comes along as a mom. There is an untouched place in the heart that comes to life when one becomes a mother. A seed that lies dormant and then blooms into an unimaginable beauty of love. There is a love so deep that flows from a mother's heart, a tenderness, compassion, a desire to nurture and care for the gifts that God has given in children. To be a mother is a place of honor and a place to praise God for His treasured gifts.

May Mother's Day be special to you today and may you honor those special ones in your life.


  1. Hope your Mother's Day is beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful Mother's Day post!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


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