Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Romance And Hard Work

Last week as an early celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I took a short "second honeymoon". Before the trip, I prayed for a time of rekindling romance, relaxation and a time of renewal. The first morning we were there snuggled up on the couch reading our devotions for the day, feeling relaxed and renewed when I opened the book I am currently reading - "Life Management for Busy Women - Living Out God's Plan with Passion and Purpose." The new chapter was "Managing Your Marriage" with God's Four Words For Wives". I figured that I had better pay attention, since the Lord had put this for me at this time and place.

Help Your Husband: Wives were created to be a helpmeet for the husband. Wives are to help and assist the husband - working alongside of him, enabling him to be all he can be.

Follow Your Husband's Leadership: This is that passage of Scripture women don't usually like - Ephesians 5:22. But this is God's plan for marriage and is for our good and for His glory. Anything with two heads is abnormal, including marriage. One must be the leader. God has gifted men with thinking and leadership skills and women with nurturing, feeling skills. You cannot lead by feelings. It has been said the man is the head of the home and the woman the heart of the home. It is a beautiful combination, working together a divine recipe for a happy, fulfilling marriage - God's way.

Respect Your Husband: It is so easy day in and day out to take him for granted. Some easy tips to respect him are to look at him, give him your attention when he is talking. Make it a point never to talk negative about him to others. Ask his opinion on matters, run decisions by him first, little things like this speak volumes to him of your love.

Love Your Husband: "Love is the highest blessing in an earthly home." Show him the kind of attention you would show to a best friend. Show him love by:

When he is sad, cheer him;
when he is noble, praise him,
when he is generous, appreciate him,
when he is talkative, listen to him
when he comes and goes, kiss him.
These four guidelines can and should translate into four lifetime goals which will enrich and bless your marriage. They sound like hard work, but will reap endless blessings in our marriages.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post!! I am just newly married (6 months) I love reading things about marriage and ways we can make ours stronger and through our Lord!!

    Have a blessed day!!


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