Friday, July 31, 2009

It is Friday!! I love Fridays and Jean invited me to join her in her Friday fun and share 5 Things About Me.

1. I love mornings! They are the most productive time of my day. A typical morning routine includes, Bible study, exercise, laundry, dishes washed, house tidy and supper planned. All before leaving for work!

2. I love outdoor activities. Summer evenings are perfect for walking or riding bicycles or just being outdoors.

3. Coffee and dessert are some of my best friends!

4. Peace and order help me function at maximum capacity at home and work, but with three sons, flexibility is a grace I am learning.

5. My new buzz word is "anticipate". Anticipating needs before they arise, solutions before problems surface and planning ahead for what I know will come up, saves time and sanity.


  1. Coffee is one of my best friends too. Add a lil' chocolate and I am good to go.

  2. I love outdoor activities and of course coffee !
    Great list, have a blessed weekend !

  3. WOW - you could have written those five things about...word for word! And I'm not kidding!! (Maybe that's why I enjoy your blog so much!!) :)


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