Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back To School - In Style

Since our boys have been in school a while now, we have a nice little back to school routine that works well for us. We take the boys to get their needed supplies, etc. and go with them to meet their teachers. Even with our oldest going to college, Mom tagged along to orientation and open house!

Our middle son chose a different escort to take him to pick his high school class schedule this year:

Cool huh? Plans suddenly changed while we were shopping and he got the invitation to ride with two girls to get his schedule. But since we have known these two sisters all of their lives and they belong to a great family, Mom and Dad smiled, waved (took pictures) and told them to have fun!


  1. There's nothing like a red mustang. I know I had one! LOL But mine was an 89' LOL.

  2. How precious! And I'm loving the red mustang!

    Here's to a blessed school year for you and your children!

  3. Sweet ride! I don't blame him! Isn't it hard to realize that summer's almost over??? It went way too fast!

    Hugs, Sharon


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