Monday, August 24, 2009

Hearts Turned Towards Home

Today I am a guest contributor over at Hearth Management. Hearts Turned Toward Home is a series of testimonies of women's hearts being turned toward their home.

If you haven't read my testimony, the Lord gave me another chance to be a stay at home mom, but more than that, He put the desire in my heart to care for and build up my home and family.

I am now a part time working mom, but my heart and priorities are at home. It is important for me to say that full time working moms are wonderful and they have my deepest respect. I hope in no way to offend those who work full time, and although working full time did not work well for my family but was a valuable tool that the Lord used to turn my heart home.

The main issue is not about if we are working moms or staying at home moms, it is about the Lord changing and turning our hearts toward home! Come over and visit Hearth Management!

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