Thursday, August 13, 2009

Organizing 101

Last week I enjoyed one of those days with boundless energy was used up in a cleaning frenzy! I tackled two closets and sorted through 20 years of "stuff". It is a great feeling to clear out, give away and keep an inventory of what I have.

Every year when school gets ready to begin, I go through this phase. I want to organize, create a notebook to keep track of things, write out things for my quiet time, plan menus, etc., etc., etc.
Then if I look hard enough a few months later, I can find unfinished lists, notebooks and things put not where they need to be!

During cleaning siege this year, I found no less than 15 spiral notebooks, 7 binders I had bought "to organize myself" and a ton of school supplies, bought on sale, but never used.

Pairing down is difficult, but necessary. Some key questions and organization tips are:

  • Will I use it?
  • Can I easily find it?
  • If it is a keepsake, keep it separate from regularly used items.
  • Arrange things that need to be easily found, and label clearly. Keep them readily within grasp. This saves valuable time searching for an item.
  • Keep similar items together and categorize: What is this used for and keep it together with similar items. Some grouping things may be school information, school supplies, bill receipts, important documents, sentimental items, tips or articles that you will come back to: prayer, children, marriage, etc. A labeled folder or storage box saves space and keeps the subject together.
  • When you use something, put it back where it belongs! An extra minute to correctly return it can save several minutes looking where it should be and is not!

Those are some of the organizing ideas I am going to put into place at my home. Simplify and be aware - anticipate needs before they arise is my new school year mantra!

An organized home is a happy home!

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  1. I am organizing FANATIC! Sorta sad, consider organizing a hobbie! :) What I'm lacking is that boundless energy..if even for a day!


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