Friday, August 28, 2009

Special Sundays

Before I got married, Sundays at my home were not set apart from any other days. My mother usually worked on Sundays and we did not attend church. When my husband and I began dating, it was evident that in his family, Sundays were special days. His family attended church and then would usually gather at his grandmother's home for "Sunday lunch".

Sunday lunch was a time for a lot(!) of family to gather and enjoy a fabulous home cooked meal. Fellowship and fun always followed with the family. This was a totally new thing for me as my family was small and a big meal was not a usual event! I began to treasure those special Sundays. As time moved on, Grandma was unable to continue the tradition and my mother in law stepped in and hosted Sunday lunch at her home. We enjoyed countless meals and have wonderful memories of family fellowship with babies on the floor, kids outside playing, sitting outside on the porch and enjoying one another for many years. As the family grew and grew, it became too much to do a frequent Sunday lunch, but as I cherish these precious memories in my heart, and a vision was placed in my heart to continue this wonderful tradition for my family.

Doing Sunday lunch for my family has been a blessing to me and our family. It takes lots of planning, but it is surely worth the effort of seeing family around the table enjoying a delicious meal. You can't get that at home feeling dining at a crowded restaurant on Sunday.

In the coming weeks, I plan to share some make ahead recipes that will bring many blessings to your Sunday table.

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  1. Sunday lunches are absolutely some of my treasured memories!! Funny, I grew up thinking everyone did a big noon meal on Sundays...the older I got, the more I realized how special those times were! And now that my children are older...they remember Sunday lunch as something special - which means so much to me!


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