Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Boys Fun...

On our recent quick weekend trip, the boys indulged me as I walked the beach, swam the pool and sat watching the ocean waves. Well...they told me to have at it, while they sat in the room watching football!!!

But as I have learned, boys must have some kind of action in all that they do. So on the way home, we made one more stop:

The Alligator Farm:

I'll admit, this did nothing to refresh or relax me...but this is what we saw:

With a house full of men, there is a lot of give and take! This was the portion of the trip just for the boys!


  1. The sight of all those alligators wouldn't relax me either, but it looks like your boys had a blast! All smiles!

    I'm glad you were able to enjoy your vacation!

  2. Oh have mercy! Look at all the alligators. Yup! That is definitely man land! LOL

  3. Oh my goodness! You are a good mom:)


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