Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Redefining Beautiful


Being the mother of three sons, I am not very familiar with today's teenage girls. It has been a long time since I was a teenage girl, but I can easily recall the feelings and emotions of a girl always seeking to measure up, the power of peer pressure, the uncertainty of teenage boys and always seeking to be liked and hoping to be beautiful.

Jenna Lucado is the author of the book Refining Beautiful and when the opportunity arose to preview this book, I jumped on it. As the mother of teenage boys, it concerns me the influences that surround teenage girls today. Many of the actions, attitudes, dress and speech that are influencing them is in complete opposition to what the Bible calls women to be. Purity, self control, virtuous and gracious living are not the common lingo for today's teenage girl. Girls are bombarded with messages to be absorbed in themselves and their desires, aggressive and bold and to chase the constantly changing trends to be beautiful. As I read this book hoping to get a glimpse of what beauty means to girls today, I was blessed and encouraged by Jenna's purpose and desire to seek and share true beauty.

Refining Beautiful is published by Thomas Nelson and is geared specifically toward teenage girls to whom she relates to, shares with, teaches and encourages. With transparency Jenna shares real life stories and experiences that every girl can relate to. She quickly shares her particular quirks and unique traits and style and puts to ease fact that each one has their own style. Knowing firsthand what girls desire - to be beautiful, Jenna encourages cleaning up the heart, getting rid of bad stuff that prevents a fresh look to reveal a look that radiates joy, sparkles with confidence and acknowledges each one is beautifully and wonderfully made.

Jenna Lucado brings awareness to the power and influence of a father in a girls life. She gives examples of many father type so that every girl can identify with one. She introduces the true God who is our Father who never makes a mistake, will never leave us or forsake us. The dad with which nothing can separate us from His love. God is the one to redefine the concept of beautiful because He created each one of us with a beauty of our own and He gives us value simply for who we are.

This book sprinkles in beauty tips which teenage girls can use in their daily physical routine and a life accessory which ministers to the heart through biblical concepts that are planted deep into the heart and bring to light beautiful attributes from the inside out. Jenna's father, best selling author Max Lucado shares personal accounts from their family along with wisdom deep enough for girls to chew on in the "Notes From Max" sections.

This book is single in it's purpose to offer girls a true, refined vision of themselves and of true beauty, but it is delightful to read with true teenage accounts of situations girls face and struggle with. Almost every teenage girl subject is broached and encouragement offered from boys, to dressing modestly, friendships and each one's uniqueness. There is opportunity for self reflection and honest, private evaluation at the end of every chapter.
Reading this book gave me a clearer understanding of teenage girls and how to encourage them and offer hope with their everyday struggles. This book will bless and transform a teenage girl's definition of beauty from a critical mirror image to true beauty which is what God sees when God sees you.

Take a peek at Jenna sharing about the book:

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