Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Do you ever get sidetracked? Have you ever gotten started on a task and somehow your attention got diverted and you found yourself spending way too much time on another thing, way off course of your original destination?

This happens to me quite often! I just finished reading a wonderful book by Elizabeth George: "Life Management For Busy Women ~ Living Out God's Plan with Passion and Purpose". This book did more than give fantastic time management training, it established the roots and purposes of how and why we do what we do as busy women. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God with our lives and follow and seek Him for each relationship and ministry we are involved in.

A woman in today's times is pulled in so many different directions. There simply is not time to be effective in every area if we don't set priorities. We will be scattered, beaten, harried and a bundle of disorganization. But a woman who seek the Lord in all ways, has a planned and purposeful day. She knows what needs to be done first and at the end of the day, knows what needs to be left undone.

Here is a daily prayer and plan for a productive day according to God's plan:

A Prayer For Living Out God's Plan

1. Pray over your priorities: "Lord, what is Your will for me at this time in my life

2. Plan through your priorities - "Lord, what must I do today to accomplish Your will?"

3. Prepare a schedule based on your priorities - "Lord, when should I do the things that live out these priorities today?"

4. Proceed to implement your priorities - "Lord, thank You for giving me Your direction for my day."

5. Purpose to check your progress - "Lord, I only have a limited time left in my day. What important tasks do I need to focus on for the remainder of the day?"

6. Prepare for tomorrow - "Lord, how can I better live out Your plan for my life tomorrow?"

7. Praise God at the end of the day - "Lord, thank You for a meaningful day, for a day well spent for I have offered my life and this day to You as a living sacrifice."


  1. Loved this post! Very encouraging and insightful. I am always getting sidetracked.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. THanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on Jason and Declan worshipping the Lord together!

    I am hosting an online Bible study for MOMS on the book of Ephesians. If you are interested, click over to my blog and see the details. We would love to have you. BLessings.

  3. Funny you asked...do I get sidetracked?? Goodness, its my middle name - probably the one thing that most frustrates my husband. I just don't multi-task like I used to....I definitely need God's wisdom to prioritize - great prayer outline to help with that...thanks!

  4. I also enjoyed this post. I've got a *little* more time to read nowadays, so I think I'll add this to my book list.


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