Monday, October 19, 2009

Embracing The Seasons of Motherhood

Gathering At the Well

Motherhood is a forever constant that is always changing! Once you are a mother, you will forever will have the heart of a mother. There is a love so strong and fierce ignited in the heart that commands our emotions and actions. There is a compassion, care and tenderness that may never have surfaced until the children came along. Motherhood is one of the greatest responsibilities and God given assignments we will ever have. But also, motherhood comes with abundant joy and unspeakable blessings. God's Word tells us that children are a blessing from the Lord.

But just as the children grow so quickly and change, motherhood comes with it's own growth changes. For every mom, there are "seasons of motherhood" and they are always changing.


Spring is the season of new life. Beauty is everywhere and it is a time to bask in the new flower buds, blooms and pure beauty of this season. For a mother, spring may be the time when the babies arrive. Excitement abounds with this new life and a mother embraces each new milestone as a thing of beauty and amazement. Most time is spent gazing, observing, learning and enjoying this new creation and beholding the joy they bring into the home. Motherhood may be a brand new walk of life and a time of constant learning.


When summer comes around, things are in full bloom and vibrant. Each day is to be savored and enjoyed as there is so much to see and do. For a mother, this may be the season of a school age child and can be filled with action and adventure. This is a very busy season for mom, much teaching and action is poured into the child and the child may now be old enough to seek and enjoy new adventures and opportunities. Action abounds in this season and the children may learn what they like and want to be a part of. Mom is usually the one to provide those opportunities and the encouragement to pursue their gifts and talents.


When summer fades, autumn comes alive with a splendor and beauty all it's own that naturally unfolds. It is a time of change and can sometimes be more scheduled than summer with all of it's freedoms. It is a different season but one with a glory all it's own. For a mother, the autumn season may be when the child moves toward adulthood. The busy days of teaching and doing for the child are nearing the end. Although a mother can always offer guidance, comfort and advice, this may be a time when the child must make his own choices out of a heart of wisdom, not just because he was told to. Now is the time for the child to begin making his own decisions and plans for adulthood. It can be a time to "buckle down" and get serious about the future. It can be a time or season of beauty as the child's own personality is formed and beheld.


Winter is also a splendid season where not much activity is going on, but it has an aura all it's own. It may appear things are lifeless, but is there anything greater than a cozy fire, warm drink and a good book on a cold winter's day? Winter hosts the Christmas season, which is a season filled with past memories, traditions and a peace and joy all it's own. Winter also hosts the New Year. In a mother's heart, it may be easy to assume that winter means mothering is done. Surely not. Although the children may not be near with their presence, their hearts are filled with the cozy memories that have been made through the other seasons. And what greater joy than to visit and relive the warmth of a mother's love and care? There is comfort in knowing that a mother is always near and ready with a listening ear, wisdom and advice. Although a mother may not be needed in day to day actions, her love and presence are still needed as a protective and familiar wrap of love, comfort, strength and encouragment. The mother may not do as much action during this season, but may be a fortress of prayer for the family. What a powerful season! Then as in winter a New Year comes along with the rotations of seasons, a mother may enter the joyous season as a grandmother! Then rotate the seasons again with a little more wisdom and a lot more fun!

Since my children are spaced out a little bit, I consider myself a summer and autumn mom. Entering the autumn season is a challenge for me in the fact that I need to let go some and allow my sons the freedom to make some of their own decisions and learn the basics of life through actions and consequences. Many times it is through mistakes that we learn and do better. Moms want to shield their children from all harm and hurt, but it may be through the hard times that character is formed.

Regardless of the season of motherhood, there is beauty and joy in every moment. The longer we are a mother, the more we learn and grow in wisdom. Sometimes it seems the older the children get, the easier are physical actions are and the more challenging the emotional issues are (teenagers anyone??!!). That is a great reason to grow in each season and keep looking forward to embrace the new season with excitement and hope.

Above all, may we seek the Lord who is the giver and sustainer of all. If we are rooted in Him, we can draw from Him and be fruitful and flourish in each season of life and motherhood.

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper. Psalms 1:3


  1. Great thoughts Joyce, thanks for joining in the discussion!


  2. thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts on this subject you wrote a wonderful post

  3. This was a GREAT post. I loved the way you described motherhood with the various different seasons. It was both creative and very accurate I think. My children are all married and moved on and I have entered a new phase. That of a grandmother!! What a glorious season this is....Blessings to you, Debbie


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