Monday, October 12, 2009

Using Up the Excess

Making your home sing Mondays

Making Your Home Sing Monday is designed for ladies to share what plan they will put into action for their home this week to make them run productively, smoothly and to "sing" with joy.
I recently looked around my home and realized it seems like I am running out of space. In some ways this is a great thing, my freezer is full, my pantry is full and my bathroom luxury basket is full! But looking deeper, there are some things that may go to waste which is not wise home management. There are lots of half eaten boxes of cereal in the pantry, half used bottles of scented lotions, half-burned candles laying around and food stuffed in the back of the freezer "just in case" it may be used. But instead of using these up first, I tend to go out and buy newer variations.
Now I consider myself a bargain shopper. Coupons, yard sales, secondhand stores and a keen eye for bargains keeps spending down. But on the down side, I cannot resist a bargain! My pantry is overflowing with buy one get one free cereals. In my bathroom basket, there are tons of "bargains" - scented lotions, bath gels, powders, beads etc.! We're not even going to touch my candle addiction today!
So my purpose for this week is to use what is at home FIRST! Planning meals with what is in the pantry and freezer first before purchasing new items. Asking the question "Do I have anything at home I could use?" before making a purchase is a smart way to keep purchases down. Training myself to think hard before spending will help curb impulse buying.
A little planning and evaluating can go a long way towards being productive and managing a home well! Planning to make my home sing with creative uses this week!


  1. Oh I love this because this is so true! I love to get bargains and stockpile my pantry, but recently I had to much of a few things that nobody ate and I noticed the date expired!

    If I had been a better manager of it, we could have at least given it away to a food pantry or something.

    I have to be careful of stockpiling because I love to get the deals, but also need to make sure we use what we have, like you said! Thanks for linking up today!

  2. What a great way to make your home sing! As you enjoy the abundance you have, you smile knowing that you are continuing to save money by not purchasing item that you already have. This is also the task that I am working on. Good luck!

  3. I love a bargain too. I am terrible for those buy one get one free offers. It is good to have plenty of essentials but you are right to try and use up the stuff you have first!
    Love Collette xxx

  4. A little planning can definitely make your home sing by saving money and time in the long run!
    Good job!

  5. Now I know why that call it managing the home! LOL There's always something to watch over and make sure everything is being used and managed wisely. I, too, love to stockpile supplies and using up what we have means making a plan, which is where I definitely fail at times. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Lately, I have been doing my grocery bargain shopping at My last banana box was $160 worth of groceries for $50 shipped right to my door! I am on my 4th right now. I am not sure how they can keep this up at these prices.


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