Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just For the Joy of It...

Just For the Joy Of It is an opportunity to share simple moments of joy found through daily life.

Recently our family took a few days and enjoyed some time in the mountains. My husband and I love to walk and we do it regularly. We especially like to take walks in the mountains. One day on the trip no one wanted to walk with us, so it was just us!

We found a nice little trail, but it had a few hills!

The deeper you got, the higher the hills!

He patiently waited for me!!

Also the deeper into the trail, some natural beauty was found:

It was a beautiful trail, full of glorious color, falling leaves and trickling waterfalls.

And filled with the joy of togetherness!!


  1. Love it. Such a nice opportunity to be together. :) Visiting from "jftjoi" linky.

  2. Those are the BEST days. My husband is a nature fan too and we have had some of best conversations in the great outdoors.

    Great pictures too... So glad you linked up!

  3. Wow-what fun! Is that the two of you taking pictures of yourselves from as far away as your arm will reach?? Don't you just that!:) That's pretty much how all of our vacation photos are done these days!!

  4. What lovely pictures! I'm a little jealous of your time alone with your man. Craving a date night, I guess. :)

  5. Love the idea of taking a walk out in nature with just my hubby! Someday...
    Beautiful spot to do some hiking and good talking.


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