Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

As we approach "Thanksgiving week" it is a time where we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving. During this week, we will probably search out grocery sale ads for good deals, do lots of menu planning and food purchases. It promises to be a busy week.

May we take a moment to prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving. This is a great start for this busy week and as we acknowledge that God is the true Giver of all and be thankful to Him, this will set the tone in our hearts, homes and lives for a true Thanksgiving celebration.


  1. Love your blog and that has to be the best verse for Thanksgiving to remind us, it's more than just the food, but it's about Him who fills our soul with completeness and the blessings when we show our humble gratitude for what we did not ask for, but He gave for us out of His love.

    Fantastic WFW!

  2. Your posts over At the Well are always such a blessing!! Thanks for sharing your heart...

  3. Beautiful post! When we encounter the bad things of our fallen world, it's easy to question the goodness of God. This verse is a wonderful reminder that he is the solution to our problems--not the cause.

    Happy WFW! Blessings,

    e-Mom :~D

  4. PERFECT! For this upcoming week! Thank you for the reminder!


  5. I love Psalm 118 -- so filled with joy and thanksgiving just like we should always be! :)

  6. wonderful -- such an important reminder to re-focus before Thanksgiving... to focus on the Giver of all things.

  7. Thank God for all His blessings.


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