Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas 2009 is now only a cherished memory in our hearts! The gifts have been opened, the food has been eaten, special times have been shared with families and these things will forever be etched in our minds.
Now the Christmas is "over", it is tempting to want to put everything away and get back to "normal"! But, while the Christmas state of mind is still here, if we take a few minutes for a Christmas Wrap Up, this can get next Christmas off to a great start!
Reflect on the last few weeks:

  • Was there anything you needed to make a last minute run to the store for?

  • Did you forget to send someone a Christmas card or gift?

  • Was there a special dish that you prepared that the family especially enjoyed?
*Reuse, Recycle and Save Your Sanity!
As crazy as it sounds, this year I am going to save my gift boxes and bags. I (as usual) had to make several trips to the store this year to buy bags and boxes. In a storage box, I am placing all the unused gift wrap, packaging, gift tags and extra Christmas cards for next year.
*What did I cook last year????
From one Christmas season to another Christmas season, is a long time! I found a delicious cookie recipe to use this year and made a hot pineapple dish that my family loved. I also changed up the main course by serving an non-traditional entree- Lasagna and it turned out to be a great hit! By writing these things down and keeping these little details with my Christmas items, next year I can carry on a new tradition that is loved and enjoyed by others.
*What to do with all these cards?
A good, updated address book is a vital thing to have on hand. Take notice of the cards you received. Are the sender's name and address added in the address book? This is a great time of year to update addresses and put down those who sent a card. Trust me, you won't remember who sent one next year(!) and will enjoy the reminder.
Use these cards for an opportunity for prayer and blessing others. Keep the cards in a stack close to the dinner table. Each night, take a card and pray over the family. By keeping these names close by, you will be more sensitive to opportunities to be a blessing in the lives of others.

*Relax, reflect and enjoy the holidays
Although Christmas is over, there is another week of Christmas vacation from school where the days are less stressful. Use this time to enjoy some special times with the family. Cook a special breakfast or dinner, play games or play with their new toys with them, go see a movie etc. Relax and have fun together!
I like to use this last week of the year to reflect on any changes that need to be made. What habits need to be added or deleted to help our family function better? What characteristics do I want to see developed in my life? What is working for us and what is not working for us? What are some goals to look forward to this coming year? I'm not big on New Years Resolutions, but a more do-able process is making a few key changes that can be incorporated into the daily routine of life.
Above all, a heart of thankfulness and anticipation to follow God's will and leading for our lives, will prepare the way for a great last week of the year!

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