Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just For the Joy of It - Our New Additions

Most mothers are aware of the vast changes that come into your life once the children arrive! I consider myself in a category of learning something different most every day! Being the only female in a home full of rowdy males, I've learned to appreciate and even enjoy the differences of interests and activities of my boys. Through the years I've learned about and become a part of various sports and other activities the boys have been involved in.

For several years the boys have purchased show hogs. The procedure of this venture is to buy a quality small pig, feed and care for it, document it's growth, keep track of the expenses of food and care and in the spring show it at the county fair in a competition with many others. Following the show, the hog is sold and hopefully a profit is made along with a lesson in responsibility and care of the animal.

This is usually a daddy/son venture and I tend to stay way away from this until show time! But, our youngest son is old enough this year to get his own hog and he is so excited! As you know a child's excitement can melt a mother's heart and cause her to do things she never would have dreamed she would do "just for the joy of it"!

Things like running outside at dark as "the babies" arrived:

Watching them get settled in their new home:

And (*gasp*) stand at the fence and talk to them:

These are our new babies and our boys are excited to welcome them to our home for a little while! And who would have ever thought a couple of cute piggies could bring such joy???!!


  1. What cute little piggies!

  2. Your post brings back memories of my little brother's pet pig -- so many years ago...

    And you're right! Being a mom (and dad, too) "allow" us to be kids again! And I'm so thankful!

    "Just for the JOY of It!"

  3. It is amazing what mamas will do for their boys... I'll look forward to the day when we get to have piggies around here!



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