Monday, December 7, 2009

Show Us Your Christmas Tree

I'm linking up with Mama Buzz for the Show Us Your Christmas Tree contest and give away! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and the joyous season begins with putting up the Christmas tree.

The last couple of years my sister in law have developed a wonderful tradition of putting up my tree together after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is my sister in law Kathy and I:

I am blessed with three great sister in laws, but Kathy and I have been "family" the longest. We are also the most opposite! I am quite shy, while she is friendly and outgoing, I am quiet and timid, she is confident and bold She has a great flair for decorating, I lack creativity! But we balance each other out and have formed a wonderful bond!
This is our tree this year:

Since I am the only female in my home of a husband and three sons, Christmas decoraring is not something the boys look forward to doing. My method of decorating was to just put the ornaments on without much thought of placement etc. Kathy began to come over after Thanksgivng and give me some guidance on creating a beautiful Christmas tree. We spend the whole day together and enjoy some great girl time fellowship! Kathy has been teaching and guiding me things like by using a bit of strategic maneuvering, the ornaments reflect the lights and bring a shimmer that illuminates the whole tree! She was right! The tree is gorgeous!

Here is a close up of some the sparking ornaments:

What a great beginning to the Christmas season! I have a beautiful tree that my family enjoys and some great memories made by sharing some quality time with Kathy!


  1. Gorgeous tree my friend. I will probably be posting my decorations for Christmas, next week.

  2. Aha! Soooooooo pretty. Ours goes up tonight. :~D

    BTW, today I posted a Christmas tree of a different kind... Jesus' Family Tree. Appropriate for Advent, don't you think? Pop by when you get a chance:

    Bless you! e-Mom


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