Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Take Your Best Shot - Book Review

Product/Book Name: Take Your Best Shot

Ages: 12-17

Price: $12.99

Put out by: Thomas Nelson




Additional Notes: This is being posted on World's AIDS Day as a reminder of the tragedy of AIDS with an offer of hope and promise.

Through many years, I have sought a personal ministry that I could do. Finally the Lord revealed to me that He gifts each of us to perfectly fit our mission and purpose. What we enjoy doing and have an inner passion about is usually the area that God can use us in.

Austin Gutwein was a young boy who enjoyed playing basketball. One day he viewed a 4 minute DVD sharing the tragedy of children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Africa. This touched deep into the soul of Austin and he knew he must do something to help. When the Lord put "Hoops of Hope" into his heart, and Austin obeyed, filled with faith in what God can do, God did a miraculous work in the lives of the orphans in Africa, along with thousands of others who came together for this ministry. By using his talent - basketball, and his childlike faith, Austin set a beautiful example of trusting God and seeing God truly do the impossible. Through the ministry of "Hoops of Hope" which began by sponsoring 8 orphan children, God has blessed this ministry to be able to build a school to educate these children and build a medical/testing clinic to help keep parents who suffer with AIDS alive and prevent future orphans. It has been told that this clinic can save an entire generation from the devastation of AIDS.

As Austin walks through in the book the beginning stirrings of his heart to the completion of these projects with more goals and plans to continue on, he inspires and encourages the readers to "take your best shot" by doing something bigger than yourself. The reader is reminded through Scripture shared that God is the one doing the work all along and that nothing is impossible with Him. Readers are reminded of God's love and grace which fills our lack and need. Readers are challenged to take God at His infallible Word and take a leap of faith to fulfill God's purpose in each life.

This book is a remarkable story of challenges, victories and plain hard work. This book's targeted readers are age 12-17 and it is written in an easy to read and interesting form that this age group can identify with and be challenged from. The message that rings loud and clear is that God wants to use YOU and that message is applicable for all ages.

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