Monday, January 18, 2010

If Mama Ain't Planning...

'” If Mama Ain’t Planning, 2010: Daily Devotional Planner

Format: e-book

Price: $9.99

Available at: If Mama Ain’t Planning!

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At my home, If Mama Ain't Planning...things fall apart. This mama needs focus, direction and guidance to run the home. I live by lists, or it doesn't get done! In any given day there is so much to keep track of, activities, meals, things that need to be done etc. if it is not written down, it is easily forgotten.

On the spiritual side, having something in print to guide me helps keep me accountable to daily Bible reading, Scripture memorization and putting down what the Lord spoke to me. This is a valuable tool for spiritual growth.

In fact, I have prayer journals, notebooks to record my thoughts, lists for goals in one place and in other places, grocery lists, meal lists, things I want to do lists....everywhere!!!

When the opportunity to review If Mama Ain't Planning came about, I immediately knew this was for me. I was not disappointed. This unique planner is a tool to keep everything you need for spiritual and daily planning in one place.


Included in this planner is a monthly calendar to record reflections and projects for the monthly along with three key verses to memorize. There is a suggested Bible reading for each weekday which correlates with a monthly theme for a character trait to enhance in your life. The monthly sheet is a great overview for spiritual accountability.


There is also a weekly planner which includes a place to write the key verse for memorization, daily Bible readings and a visual daily reminder of the monthly theme. Also in the weekly planner is a daily list for things that Must Be Done, May Be Done and even a place for the dinner menu. At one daily glance a verse to reflect on, a theme or character trait to work on and the steps you can take daily are before you.

This is without a doubt the best planner I have seen. It provides encouragement to grow spiritually combined with practical steps to enhance godly character and a place to record the action steps needed to move forward. This is the planner I have been waiting for!! Go ahead and try it, you will be blessed and enriched in your spiritual walk, more organized and effective in all areas of your life.

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