Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just For the Joy of It

According to the National Weather Service our area is experiencing the longest lasting cold snap in 20 years. There have been 13 consecutive days with below freezing temperatures and a few of those days have had record breaking cold.

Here in the deep south, we get cold snaps, but they usually last only a day or two. It has been a huge adjustment to have to wear layers of clothing, gloves and jackets for days on end.

One minor issue we face is what do we do with our jackets? As I woke up recently one morning, this was the first sight I saw:

Apparently, this is our solution - throwing our jackets on the back of the couch! It would be nice to blame it on the boys, but two of these jackets are mine!

But my joy today comes from a slow warm up to our seasonal temperatures which do not include numbers below 32! If you are one of my northern friends, you may be laughing and calling me a wimp! That's OK! My joy today is being from the south!


  1. Being a southern girl myself (SC) I share your joy in this cold weather leaving and a warmer spell coming in.

  2. Haha! I agree with you completely, on the cold AND the coats (I also wrote about craving warmer temps today! We're in the south, too.)! Ours get thrown over the backs of chairs, and even though I'm just as guilty as my husband, it drives me crazy!

  3. I had a similar jacket moment when we moved into our new home. So looking forward to spring this year!

  4. Born in OH but raised in South America and now living in the Southeastern US, I'm definitely looking forward to the warmer weather...


  5. We live in the southwest, so we would have no idea what to do with coats. I think my children own some, but I'm not sure...

    Hope you guys warm up really, really soon!

  6. LOL! Anything above 18 degrees IS warm!

    Through Good, True & Beautiful,


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