Monday, January 25, 2010

Making My Home Sing - Genuinely

Making your home sing Mondays

Recently I have been stiving to eat healthier, mainly by eliminating processed foods and incorporating more whole grains into my diet.  I've been eating "real" oatmeal instead of the instant kind and have been enjoying it.

This week at the store I paused in fromt of the oatmeal section.  My eyes strayed to the newest flavors of instant oatmeal "Hazelnut Latte".  Ohh Laa Laa!!  Sounds wonderful!  But...I was trying to stay away for processed foods that are full of sugar.  But...this oatmeal was buy one get one free and another flavor was Wild Blueberry Muffin (also one of my favorites).  I began to reason in my mind, it is oatmeal, it says whole grains and if it tastes this good, surely I will eat more of it!  So I bought it!

I was filled with anticipation as I prepared the oatmeal this morning, inhaling the delicious aroma!  As I tasted my first bite, there was a slight disappointment as the taste wasn't quite as intense as I thought.  As I continued on, it got worse.  It lacked the heartiness of regular oatmeal and instead had a weaker, mushy texture and the taste was pure sugar masking as "Hazlenut Latte".  I realized I should have stuck with the  original oatmeal, which is genuine, pure and good for you without empty promises and added preservatives which are not good for you.

Now...what does this have to do with a home????  Our homes can be a place of stability where unconditional love grows - a place that is genuine and filled with real peace and joy.  The world offers our families substitues for genuine happiness, material things, ways to stay busy, activities, parties, places etc.  These activities promise happiness, but are just substitues for the feeling and contentment of home. By pursuing them, they will eventually disappoint.  A home is a place to recharge to face the challenges of the world, then come back to find solace and peace.  A home should be where we can be ourselves and be loved.  By filling our homes with genuine ingredients, unconditional love, peace and acceptance of each other, that produces a stable and loving enviorument.  By practicing consistancy in our attitudes and actions, it fills the home with familiar contentment versus the unpredictability of the changing world outside the home.  A routine is valuable for the home to run smoothly. 

Now, for this week to help Make My Home Sing, I want to work on building the ingredients for a happy home!  My boys are now teenagers and staying home is not a priority for them right now.  They are enticed by hanging out with friends, going places etc.  And these things all have a place in life. But, by continiung to build an atmosphere where they know what is going on, where they know they can find love and encouragement and are always welcome, that makes home sing a genuine song that can't be found anywhere else on earth!


  1. That my friend is a wonderful way to make your home sing. It has got to be inviting and stable. Even though your kids like to go hang out, having them want to be home is so important too and that's what making a home sing is all about.
    My husband got me the Sue Gregg cookbooks and if you want to eat healthier and have just about all your information in one spot, go check her out.
    I love her cookbooks and her knowledge!

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and blessing me with such encouragement. It was a great way to start a new week.

    I loved your insight into the world's false advertising!

    If you are going to use the real oats, chop 1/2 in the food processor a little to keep it from being so horsefoodish in your mouth. :) I'm sure there are other variations you can add for protein, like wheat germ. I bought some of the ingredients but haven't made mind yet, would love to know your thoughts before I get started. We're also trying to eat healthier!

  3. I love this "Make My Home Sing" idea! Goodness - all the busyness that fills our days, weeks - or lives - can certainly be a weak counterfeit to a peace-filled home. Why is it we often think of peace (and quiet) as boring??!

    I love real oatmeal, too! Nothing like the real thing. Just think of all the new ideas you have for fixing yours each morning....fresh blueberries, chopped hazelnuts and cream...:)

    Have a singing week:)

  4. What a beautiful post! I love what you said: "By filling our homes with genuine ingredients, unconditional love, peace and acceptance of each other, that produces a stable and loving environment."

    My youngest is a teen (16) and my oldest just turned 21. I know what you mean about outside attractions.

    I'm glad that many of the outside attractions are church or family related so that helps!

    Thank you for linking up today!

  5. Oh my gosh! This post was absolutely fabulous. I loved it. I agreed with everything you wrote. (And I've experienced that fake food moment...who knew you really could taste the difference?)


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