Monday, January 18, 2010

Making My Home Sing With Home Management

Making your home sing Mondays

Although I think my home is kept neat and tidy, it is a struggle to keep up with all of the home maintenance tasks. It is beyond my scope of homemaking to keep up with the over and above tasks such as dusting the blinds, keeping the top of the refrigerator wiped down, treating the drains etc. Not to underestimate the importance of these tasks, it's just that I don't think of them on a consistent basis.

I recently came across a great site: Home Wizard Personal Assistant which is a place to make it easier to manage your home. There is a wealth of information including some of these topics:

Recommended Schedules
Free Personalized Reminders
Maintenance Library
Energy Savings Tips
My favorite is the recommended schedules where you simply check the various features of your home and it pulls up a recommended monthly maintenance checklist for you to do to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently. Since lists help keep me focused and productive, I"m looking forward to making my home sing by doing a little better with home maintenance!


  1. Oh boy! I'm going to have to check that out. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. The return trip was beneficial, I found a list-making woman after my own heart. While I was reading a few of your blogs, I was thinking about the need to dust the top of my fridge....

  3. I tend to let a lot of that little stuff go sometimes. I have lots of things on my list and yet I ignore that list in favor of doing the bigger things.

    I will have to check this out, I love lists! Thanks for linking up!


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