Thursday, February 25, 2010

Florida Feet Bring Me Joy!

Good, True & Beautiful

Here in the deep south, we have experienced a lot of cold weather this year.  I know that it is much worse in other areas, but here, we are just not used to day after day of cold!  It takes some adjustment to learn to layer our clothing and other tricks to keep warm. 
Like shoes:  The usual Florida foot wear is flip flop shoes.  But it has been awhile since I have been able to bear my feet!  It has been socks and closed in shoes.
Until last weekend, where we had a brief warm up and I was able to shed the winter shoes and put these on:
That was a sure spot of joy for my week!


  1. I'm officially JEALOUS! We're in the middle of a snow storm... parkas, coats, hats and mittens are essentials. Flip Flops? Not until July.

    send some warmth our way!

  2. Ooooo, I love flip-flops! We're wearing them here in AZ already, too.

    I love seeing my freshly painted toes peeking out at me. Definitely brings me joy!

  3. We are experiencing an unusual coldness/wetness here in California as well. As soon as the sun decided to stay out for a while, we'd be hitting the beach!

  4. Cute shoes! and cute toes:) Surely, I will once again see my feet sometime other than crawling into bed!! Enjoy that nice weather.

  5. I am JEALOUS! The snow is falling outside as I type. UGH!
    So so so tired of winter....

  6. I"m jealous, too! LOL! It is too cold for that here. :( I know spring is around the corner, but I want to know where? LOL! :D

  7. Florida sounds a lot like California! We are so spoiled to be able to wear flip flops all year round, although it's raining today! But last weekend was perfect.


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