Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just for the Joy of it – Clearance Green…

Although I don’t claim a green thumb, I have a few nice looking plants that I enjoy playing around with.

Except for when the cold gets them:


Here is one that was saved, but most were killed by the cold:

But today, I decided to stop by Lowe's and see what kind of plants they had.  They had these (and many more!), on clearance for 50% off!


So I got them and made a few new plants:

There was a lot of joy in getting to do something I enjoy, inexpensively!


  1. I want a garden one day,though I've never done anything like that! I love being outside. My Pawapaw used to spend a lot of time with plants. :)

    RYC: Thank you! Aaron is a doll and I'm happy to be back!

  2. Nice plants! Pretty cat too!
    Is that yours?


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