Monday, February 8, 2010

Making My Home Sing - Being Fruitful

Making your home sing Mondays

This week my home will be humming along briskly with a full week planned.  There are taxes to finish, soccer practices, a doctor appointment and hair cuts in addition to the regular homework and housework routine.  This is also a busy week for my hard working husband who will be working some long days. Since I thrive on organization, weeks like this sharpen and challenge my homemaking skills.  Keeping everyone scheduled and on task is a challenge I enjoy.  But the danger of plowing through the week is sometimes missing opportunities to stop and show extra special attention to details.

This month I am challenging myself to memorize a few verses of Scripture.  The one I am beginning with is Colossians 1:10 "that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;"   It was the part "being fruitful in every good work" that stirred my heart. 

Does anyone else find it easy to overlook "little things" around the house?  Not being lazy, but tasks arise that sometimes I just don't want to deal with right then.  Things like going through the mail, sorting through magazines or toys that always seem to be around, or perhaps a pile of unwanted clothes that need to be donated.  Although these tasks start small, they develop into piles if left neglected. 

These "little things" can crop up other places too.  Maybe with the husband who although a meal is cooked and prepared, he really needs a quick hug or smile.  The child who asks a question while I'm checking my email, needs a thorough answer, not just "uh huh".  With teenagers flying through the house, they sometimes need more than a "bye, be careful". Paying special attention to little details speaks love loudly in the home.

So this week, I want to make my home sing by paying attention to the little things and giving them the attention they deserve and make these moments fruitful!  May God bless us all with a bountiful eye to see and share and be fruitful in every good work!


  1. What a great reminder to me! I do sometimes let the little things slide in order to keep up with the pace of a busy day. Now I hope to be more conscious of each person I encounter and be sure not to let the seemingly less important things slip by.

  2. Great reminder - thanks. It is so easy to forget the oh-so-important little things.


  3. Great reminder to look for spiritual and emotional needs, not just physical. There are some things that can't be put on a list just to be crossed off when done. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Love the verse and love how you tie it into your post. Awesome!

    Yes, I love to be organized too and sometimes I do let certain things go, because the "return" is low. Then they add up and pretty soon is a hassle to deal with them.

    That's why I scheduled a few minutes every Tuesday to straighten the pantry (before it piles up). Though I don't always get around to it every week. But I try!

    I am wanting to memorize more Scripture too, and I think I will start with the Roman's Road.

    thank you for linking up today!

  5. I love the verse you are memorizing. I might just snag it and do the same. I am inspired by your goals!

  6. Great post...I definitely can lose track of the fact that this is my love, not my job (if that makes sense) and that the feelings matter even more than the results!

  7. I wrote your quote, "Paying special attention to little details speaks love loudly in the home." in my planner by my routines. What a great reminder of what's important. Thanks!


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