Monday, February 22, 2010

Making My Home Sing

Making your home sing Mondays

This weekend wrapped up the little league soccer season our youngest son participated in. It was a great experience with lots of fun for the kids and a time of friendship and fellowship among the parents. However, being gone three or four nights a week can reek havoc on a home.  I discovred that instead of singing a happy tune, my home is simply croaking along!!

This weekend while searching for some school supplies it became evident that my home although clean on the surface, was in pitiful shape as far as oranization goes.  There is a stockpile of items in various places, excess stuff, so that we don't know what we have and continue to get more of the same items until a vicious cycle is threatening to bury our home with clutter and inefficiency.

Yesterday as I looked around in despair at the boys closets, linen closet, school supply chest  and other problem areas I will this ever get under control?  But in a few short hours I was amazed how quickly a couple of key things got done:
  • While having a nice phone conversation with a friend, I cleaned out the refrigerator.
  • A dresser was cleared out and organized by chatting and reminiscing about old clothes with my youngest son.
  • While someone came over to do some work on the computer, the office supply cabinet got cleared out.
Instead of despairing and being overwhelmed by the size of these tasks, little steps in the right direction got much accomplished.

So, the plan for this week is to tackle some of these tough jobs, one at a time.  A closet here, a cuboard there, inventory what we have, get rid of what we don't need until my home again sings the beautiful song of organization.


  1. Um...have you been looking in my cabinets lately?!?! I feel this way too. I need to start cleaning under the surface and organizing. Thanks for the inspiration to get started. Hope you have a great week of organizing!

  2. Isn't that an awesome way to get organized? When the kids were little I asked my husband for a long phone cord or a cordless. That way I could fold laundry, clean out a drawer, unload the dishwasher, etc. whenever someone called.

    For that matter, I've been known to dump out a drawer on a sheet on the floor and reorganize it while watching t.v!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I am in DIRE need of some organization in my life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great Ideas! I need to remember that when I call my mom. To get up and stay busy even having a good conversation with my mom.

    Thanks for stopping by and hope to come on over to see you too more often.

    Dani Joy

  5. Wow. Were you at my house? My closets and cupboards are in need of some serious re-organizing. You're absolutely right. A little here, a little there, and what a big difference. Thanks for the motivation.


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