Monday, February 1, 2010

You Gotta Be Fast..

I don’t know why now that my children are almost grown that I have developed this passion for photography!  It is so much fun learning about how to capture good pictures and editing them opens up the door for quality picture taking.  But it seems that none of my boys want to be photographed.  They refuse to pose and then they hide when I pull out the camera.

The other day we had a few teenagers over and I played around with the camera trying to figure out how to get some action shots.  It’s a good thing because they were not still for a minute!

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  1. looks like they had a blast! and hey, my babies are little and I have to bribe them to pose lol. usually a single smartie will suffice, but it takes a while to get what I want somedays.

  2. I've found that with teenagers you have to catch them off guard! LOL!
    Loved the pics!


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