Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Joy of Sister In Laws

When I was growing up I only had one sibling which was a younger brother.  I had several girl friends, but never any sisters....until I got married!

Then I joined my husband's family and gained a sister in law.  Kathy was only a few years older than me, but to me as a young bride, she knew about and was great at everything!  It was a bit intimidating for me as, I could not cook well, was learning to keep a home, still tied to my mom's apron strings and then there was Kathy - bold, confident, a wonderful cook, wonderful mother, outgoing, always opening her home and life with love and grace.  Would I ever measure up???   

Through the years, she was my friend and teacher, giving guidance and wisdom and a whole lot of fun!  We are almost perfectly opposite of one another, but have learned to appreciate our differences and balance each other out.  I even cook for her every now and again!!  We live a few hours apart and only see each other a couple time a year, but stay in touch through our blogs, facebook and email!  Today is her birthday and I'm using "Just For the Joy of It" to say what a joy she has been to my life!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!!


Now we know that God is extremely generous and He has indeed continued blessing me with more sister in laws through the years. I have three total and here are the other two that I dearly love!  Danell and Sonya each have wonderful qualities and are great wives, mothers and sister in laws. They add a special beauty and grace to our family.  We are a fun, loud bunch when we gather with our families, but every now and again we get those special sister in law moments that we cherish and thank God for placing us together in a wonderful family!


You girls bring me great joy!! 


  1. Happy birthday to your sister in law! :) Mine is a dear friend as well; I am blessed to have her in my life. And hoping she moves closer soon. :)

  2. Aww happy birthday to her!!! /i have great sister in laws too!

  3. Happy birthday to Kathy!
    I have three sisters but only one that I am close with. I have many sister in laws but we don't live close enough to do anything with each other and they don't FB or blog. Count your blessings for wonderful sister-in-laws. :)

  4. I like your blog and your challenge to find and create joy in life. Keep on doing joyfull moments.

  5. What a great tribute!! It's always fun to see how everyone fits together when children of the same family start getting married. Sounds like it worked out pretty well for you! Hapy Birthday, Kathy!

  6. that is really special! How neat to marry into such a great family.

    My mother-in-law always makes a lighthearted joke about the in-laws and the out-laws. And it looks like your outlaws are pretty snazzy!

  7. Happy Birthday to your SIL! I also grew up with one brother..just the two of us. Such a special relationship. But, I too am glad for the "sisters" that God has put in my life along the way to "fill that gap"!! Have a great Friday!

  8. how nice, you are so lucky happy bday to your sil! thanks for stopping by!


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