Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Food Synergy

We have all heard how valuable nutrition is to our physical condition and well-being. The food that we consume offers all of the notable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are vital to our long-standing health.  Research has revealed that eating a beneficial and varied nutritional regime is more valuable to our health because of the synergy between fare. Food synergy is a new concept in the field of nutrition science, and it stems from recent research that suggests the nutritional values of some foods can be enhanced through particular food combinations.

Some of the combinations that are beneficial  on their own but nutritional powerhouses when combined are:

Broccoli and Tomatoes:   While both of these are abundantly healthy on their own when pooled they tender supercharged cancer fighting facility. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an essential nutrient that is a natural cancer preventative. The sulfur contained in broccoli helps to eliminate tumor-causing toxins Together they offer a powerhouse of nutritional fortification.

Lemons and Green Tea:  Lemons and green tea are enormously nourishing foods on their own. However, if you add lemon to your green tea you will end up absorbing up to 13 times more antioxidants as you would by just drinking the green tea alone. The citric acid and vitamin C in the lemon increases the value of the catechins contained in the green tea. This enhances the immune system and in turn drops the possibility of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Spinach and Oranges:  Spinach and oranges are both thought to be to be superfoods because of their antioxidant ability and enhanced nutrition.  But if you actually want to improve your ability to absorb the iron that is contained in your spinach salad, add some oranges to it. They taste delightful collectively but more outstandingly the vitamin C will help your body to take up up to twofold as much iron from the same total of spinach.

 Whole-grain breads and peanut butter: The amino acids that are lacking in wheat are available in peanut butter. The combination of the two supplies all the amino acids the body needs for efficient protein synthesis.

Apples and Berries:  Mixing apples with berries can be a very effectual nutritional strategy. Apples are elevated in quercetin, a great antioxidant. When quercetin is united with the catechins in blueberries, grapes or acai berries, they respond together in the body and impede platelet clumping, which can put off heart attacks and strokes. By combining the two you can achieve much more of the nutrients in a much smaller helping than if you were to devour either on their own.

Researching this topic was very interesting and I am challenged to find delicious combination ideas to combine these nutritious foods and make them a part of my diet.  

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