Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Joy of Spring...

Good, True & Beautiful

This week is Spring Break and although is has been a bit hectic, there have been some joyful moments!  The weather has been picture perfect - blue skies with temperatures in the 70's - PERFECT!!  There were lots of outdoor moments - planting some flowers, taking walks and just sitting in the sun with a great book!

One day was spent with a pair of 8 year old boys, my son and a friend, with a fun bowling trip followed by pizza.  Then home to allow them to burn off all that energy!

We are also in joyful anticipation of this Easter weekend with activities at church planned to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

There hasn't been much time for pictures, but this was a bright spot of joy for the week!  Praise God for the joy He gives us everyday.


  1. I can't wait to get outside every day to see what is new.

    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

  2. My kids spring break started today! And we are expected to have beautiful weather for their break as well! I've got lots planned! It's going to be wonderful! There sure is joy in being able to spend extra time with the family!

  3. Sounds like y'all had a great spring break!!

    Happy Easter to you!

  4. Sounds like you are having fun...and, yes, the weather is beyond amazing!! Happy Easter to you and your family:)

  5. We have really been enjoying the weather too! Spring is such and inspiring season as we think of new life and the Risen Christ.


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