Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just For the Joy of It

Good, True & Beautiful

I have shared before about my son’s show pigs that we purchased in the fall.  This project consists of purchasing a show pig, feeding and caring for it, recording the expenses that the project incurs and concludes with a livestock show and sale.  Two of our sons showed pigs this year and it was the first time for our youngest (in the green jacket).  It was a great experience for the boys and as a mama watching the hard work pay off, it brought me a lot of joy!
Here are a few shots of the week:
Hanging out at the fair in the hog barn:
Fair Hog Show 001
The girls getting washed and ready for the show:
Fair Hog Show 004
Fair Hog Show 007
This girl didn’t like her bath:
Fair Hog Show 005
All Clean:
Fair Hog Show 010
Show Time:
Fair Hog Show 033
Fair Hog Show 042 copy 3
Fair Hog Show 048
My middle son:
Fair Hog Show 060
Fair Hog Show 056
Fair Hog Show 057
Fair Hog Show 061
Then at the sale:
Life is never dull and with sons, there are always opportunities to find joy in daily life!


  1. These pictures remind me of our last year's county fair. We are so looking forward to this year's fair in the summer.
    I agree that there's never a dull moment when you have children in your home. I am enjoying mine. :)

  2. Your camera takes great photos! We're just getting into 4-H now. I think we'll be showing smaller livestock! They look big and muscle-y! (is that even a word?)

  3. Great pics, looks like they had so much fun and a great learning experience !

  4. Didn't your mama-heart just burst with pride?!

    What a great thing to support your boys in. Those pigs look pretty fun, too (as well as a lot of hard work).

    If my hubby was lookin' over my shoulder right now, he would be drooling. He's trying to convince me that we should raise pigs in the future. I remain unconvinced.

    Good job Joyful Family!

  5. Oh, and two more things:

    Your little guy looks so intense and professional. What a cutie-pie! Do you believe in arranged marriages? (ha, ha!)

    I'm following you now. Finally!

  6. We ar suppose to get out 4-H pigs sometime in the next couple weeks...This will be our 1st year in 4-H with our kids. Hubby & I were both 10 year members. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is something I am totally unfamiliar with...but I think it is great that the whole family enjoys doing this together! So did you sell all the pigs? What will you show next year:)

  8. Wow that is really cool! What a great learning experience for your boys. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday & sharing the JOY! :)

  9. I didn't know you lived over there! My favourite granfather was born in Live Oak. If you ever see someone wandering through a cemetery over there, it might just be me. 8-}


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